By Nathalya Barbosa - February 19, 2017

A few changes...

So recently I found myself really uncomfortable with the content that I'm posting on my Instagram. Don't get me wrong.. I really like doing flatlays and I try to put out there my best, but it's not enough. I realized that is time for some changes.
I love makeup but it isn't my only passion. When I first started this whole blog/Instagram thing I was planning to post about different stuff, like movies, makeup, traveling and books.

But I realized that a messy and random feed isn't what people are looking for, so I started to focus only on makeup. It was fun for a while but I noticed that there are thousands of accounts that post beautiful flatlays and among them, I'm just another one. Especially because there's nothing especial about my pictures at all.

So after thinking for a while I had the idea of mixing all of my passions together, because excluding things that I wanted to talk about ain't a option anymore. So with time I gathered courage and here I am writing this. My idea is that every time I feel like talking about a movie, a tv show or a book I'll link it somehow to makeup. It can be either by creating a look inspired on it or reproducing the makeup that is in it. So I'll post the look on Instagram and if you get interested in how I did it or in the show that the makeup is inspired on, you can come to my blog where the tutorial and thoughts about it will be in.

To me it sounded like an amazing opportunity to review and talk about all those things that I love, without fearing that my Instagram will be confusing or out of context. That doesn't mean that the flatlays and product shots are over, that only means that whenever I talk about something that is not beauty related I'll make it be somehow hahahaha.

Thank you for understanding! It's not a very important post, but I would love you to give me some ideas, please comment down below!


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