Rogue One.

By Nathalya Barbosa - December 29, 2016

I love the going to the movies.

Last Wednesday my sisters, my mom and I went to see Rogue One at the movies. It was a really nice afternoon and I'm here today to tell you what I thought about it.

I love reviewing movies for you, it's so pleasurous to write about what I think of something.
I believe that not being an expert in technical therms of the cinema world makes those reviews even more light, simple and sincere. 

So, as I said, I went to the movie theater last week. I was so hyped about this film, cause I love Star Wars and the trailer was outstanding!

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Well, if you're not familiar with the plot, it is about the group of rebels responsible for steeling the Death Star plans in the name of the Rebel Alliance. That being said, you can deduce that the story takes place between the third and forth movies. You can also tell that by the BOMBASTIC AND BREATHTAKING end, that makes everything fit perfectly.

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A really interesting part of it is that this particular rebel group is not a already set part of the Alliance. Instead, the film tells the unusual formation of this extraordinary team and how they get to the point where they steal this important data. 
How all members meet is unexpected and each one's personality give lightness and humor to the movie. The casting has so much chemistry!
Oh, and of course there is a charming and ironic robot, it wouldn't be a complete SW film without it hahahahaha. 

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This is Rogue One.
Resultado de imagem para rogue one
I'm one with the force, the force is with me.
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For a fan, this is the perfect motion picture since it also explains why a huge and imperishable weapon as the Death Star has such a tiny and decisive flaw, that can cause the whole destruction of it. And the reason why it has it is full of important and incredible people/actions. 

Some say that the first part of the feature is really slow-paced, but I believe that those scenes were necessary and meaningful. I'm really tired of those shallow action movies (more and more present nowadays)that doesn't even have a story line, but unfortunately people are getting used to them, and when they watch slower scenes or movies they just label them as bad. And if you are not such a SW enthusiastic you probably will find that too.

I hope that I convinced you to watch it! It's a great feature and Darth Vader scenes are memorable!

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Resultado de imagem para rogue one darth vader
Resultado de imagem para rogue one darth vader

Obviously if you've never seen any SW film before I wouldn't recommend you to watch this one first hahahaha.

But tell me: Have you watched it yet? Did you like it?

- hugs,

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