Harry Potter and The Cursed Child.

By Nathalya Barbosa - January 27, 2017

Here I am at last.

It's been a while since I finished reading "Harry Potter and The Cursed Child", but I needed to put some thought into it before reviewing for you. 

So shall we start?

There are NO spoilers in this review, so no worries!

The first and obvious difference that you notice is that it is a play. I like the idea of doing it in this format because the lecture gets more fluid and spontaneous, but it also makes  a big variety of details impractical.

Well,  if you are going to read this expecting to be similar to the "original" series, you won't like what I am about to tell you: it ain't like the old times.

The story is not about going to Hogwarts and learning witchcraft (not a bit of the cozy, heart warming felling 😔). It is about a time travel adventure involving the children of the old characters, while there are horrific rumors that Voldemort had a child.

The beginning is really exiting, since we get to see characters that we loved in our childhoods getting into new situations. 

But with time you notice that their personalities are shown differently then originally. They are to similar to the movies... Don't get me wrong: I really like the films and the actors are great, but I love how different especially Ron, Hermione and Harry are in the books. They are way more interesting, deep and nice. And, for some reason, the movies "stereotypes" (those that made a lot of fans mad) are reproduced in The Cursed Child!

Ron is represented as this goofy, silly friend, what makes it seem like the only reason he is there is to make jokes and eat (just like in most parts of the pictures). Harry's personality seems so hollow compared to the older books, he's insecure (I know that he isn't perfect but in the play it doesn't even look like he evolved as person or is happy about all he accomplished) and not so powerful. And Hermione is shown as that bossy know-it-all woman that is not so confident when it comes to stand up for what she thinks(in other hand, in the "original" series she always really secure of her thoughts and never snooty).

I was also hoping to see the same friendship than before, but it looks like things got a bit formal between them, and that disappointed me too.

I don't want to give any spoilers, but I can guarantee you that if you think about the whole story after finish reading it, you'll notice really big holes in the plot, and I think that it is due the fact that it's a play, maybe if it was novel thinks would be better explained. 

I don't want to ruin it for you. It still is a story full of love, forgiveness and friendship meanings.

I believe that it's worth reading it to know how the characters are now and to see what would have happened if Lord Voldemort won. It still is a nice and creative adventure and I really adored Scorpius(Draco's son).

Have you read it yet? Let me know what you think of it!


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